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How to Start Homeschooling in Nevada

Are you interested in homeschooling and you don't know where to start?  No, you don't need to be a teacher or have a degree of any kind.  You don't need to be under an umbrella school either.  In Nevada, you can unenroll your child from public school, then within 10 days send in your Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI), and you're on your way to freedom.  Know that you are NOT asking for permission to homeschool, you are letting the Clark County School District know that you will be homeschooling your child (it is your right). It is not your responsibility to provide a copy of the NOI to the school you are unenrolling your child from.  When you take the responsibility of homeschooling your child by sending in an NOI, you will be responsible for buying all educational supplies (books, computer...etc). Yes, it will cost money but you are now in control of your child's education.  You will pick what they learn, when will they learn it, and at their own individual pace.  Always remember that anything that is free, comes with a price so getting free stuff from the government will only take our freedom away.  There’s no tax write offs for homeschoolers either unfortunately. 


Homeschooling High Schoolers

Pulling your child out of public school or private school during or when they are starting high school is possible but please be aware that they will need an accredited program to be used to homeschool, if they will be re-enrolled in public school.  If you do not intend on re-enrolling them in school, you can use any curriculum you choose.  They can still have a formal graduation with a homeschool group of your choice, if they offer it.  They do not need a diploma to go to college or get a great job.  Transcripts are the only requirement to go to college, which are easy for the parent to write.


Below are two links, the NOI and an educational plan.  Fill out an NOI for each child and attach an educational plan too.  Mail or email each child's forms separately.  You will receive mail confirmation that they received it in a week or so.  Keep that confirmation and make copies.  Carry a copy with you, for each child, in case anyone of authority questions why your child is not in school  (I've never had that happen in 14 years of homeschooling).  


An NOI is required for children from ages 7 to 18 only. This is a one-time filing and does not need to be resubmitted unless the name or address of the parent or child changes, or the child is reentering homeschooling after being enrolled in public school.


Address:  Homeschool Office 4204 Channel 10 Drive, Building “B”, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Both forms can also be emailed to:



It is required by NV State Law that a Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI) form and an educational plan are filed with the Clark County School District (CCSD).  Search for Nevada Homeschool Network to read NV homeschool laws.


I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

What Next?

Find a like minded homeschool group, whether it is Training Up Arrows Homeschool Group or another of many here in Las Vegas. Homeschool groups offer a lot of support and friendships for moms and friends for your children.  They offer many fun events and sometimes classes too. 

Find a curriculum that is the best fit for your family. You need to know your child’s learning style before choosing and this can be a difficult task. I recommend that you go to homeschool events and ask other moms about their experiences.  There's many many curriculum choices out there and it can be very confusing and overwhelming.  I have listed a few of my favorites below.


Buying a curriculum is an investment and if you take good care of it, you can resell non-consumables after your child is finished with it.  


The recommended age to buy a curriculum is 8 or older.  For the younger years, there’s many resources online to use and using the library is always recommended.  Be careful in choosing books at the library too.  There are some not so child friendly books that have been recently planted in the children’s section.  


Curriculum to consider: (a wonderful addition to Bible)


My Father's World (wonderful for teaching several children at once)

Teaching Textbooks (math online or by dvd’s for grades 3 and up)

Master Books (they offer a lot of subjects)

Spelling Power  (wonderful for all ages)

IEW Writing (this program can be taught by video or parent)

Apologia (they offer all science levels)

Growing with Grammar  (great for little ones)

Fix It Grammar (great for all ages)

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (highly recommended for new readers)

Abeka (private school at home, very rigorous) (near free wonderful curriculum)


This is a good resource for a reviews on curriculum:


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

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